You are more than an intern here.

The world is changing at a fast pace and BGI recognizes the need to step up. Conventional methods of gaining experience from the classroom are requiring support. We believe our program has an answer for those seeking real life experience to find their place.

BGI-XP is strongly founded in a setting where one can form close relationship with all employees from upper management down to maintenance. BGI-XP is housed within a connected and an open hierarchical relationship. This helps foster a major section of our DNA: Creativity.

So, why should you choose to join BGI-XP? There are a thousand reasons to do so: a vibrant working environment, being part of the workforce family, gaining top notch experience with one of the best beverage companies, first-hand exposure to the industry, comfortable working space and so much more. Those who wish to join our family, acquire a practical sense of the work environment, and make memories that they will definitely look back to.

Who is BGI XP for?

Within BGI’s employment base exists a number of departments including Marketing, HR, Legal, Engineering, the brewery and laboratories. Therefore, if you apply and get accepted, you will undoubtedly find your place at BGI.

Similar to the employee selection, our application for BGI-XP is rigorous. We expect applicants to shine during the selection process. Initially, the process would filter applicants based on their first year results and from then the shortlisted candidates will come in for an interview. Finally, the XPers are chosen. The experience would just be beginning at that point.

At BGI, we take care of our own. We will help you in your personal development and develop meaningful bonds along the way.

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