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Enjoy Responsibly

Drink Responsibly

We here at BGI Ethiopia firmly believe in education when it comes to responsible drinking. As a brewing company, we know a lot about making the best beers. But we also know that the perfect experience is not all about brewing the best beers- it is just as much about how you enjoy it. That's why we put just as big an effort into teaching people the right way to enjoy our beers.
It has been said for centuries that Beer is a social lubricant that can help many of us relax and feel good about ourselves and others. If we get to enjoy our beer responsibly and "stay within our limit"!. If we drink more, the positive sensation we experience, and the benefits swiftly turn into the opposite.
"Staying within your limit" will make you able to socialize more, party longer, have a better time, and make better decisions. You should "stay within your limit" for the fun, for your friends, for the entertainment, for your team,not because you're told but because you're a responsible individual who cares about themselves and others around them.
Enjoy responsibly - Stay within Your Limit!

Your limit is your alcohol "safe zone", where drinking is part of your good time with friends, builds up the right atmosphere for you to enjoy your environment, helps you socialize. Essentially, some of the good reasons why we all love our beer!
The "within your limit" is a different place for each one of us: it depends on factors such as tolerance, weight, health etc. "Staying within your limit" means, to be able to drink respecting your bounds and to enjoy each moment and the fun for longer. Binge drinking, speed drinking, underage drinking will easily take you across your limit and quickly turn a great moment into a regrettable experience.


Heavy episodic drinking or binge drinking, while definitions vary, is commonly defined as consuming a large amount of alcohol over a short period of time, resulting in serious inebriation. Heavy episodic drinking can have severe short-term effects on the individual and to the people around them, including accidents, damage to health, brain dysfunction, unwanted sex, unintended altercations and even death. It is never a good decision and as a responsible person you should avoid it!


The amount and speed of your drinking, as well as what else you eat or drink, can make a difference, at least in the short-term. Avoid drinking with empty stomach and pace your drinks, while consuming plenty of water as you drink. Whenever you are in doubt, stop drinking and wait until you're sure that you are in control and able to make good decisions.


The more you drink, the slower you react to changes around you and the greater the impairment of your judgment. Stay within your limit and don't engage in anything risky, where your decisions can be vital for your safety and the safety of those around you.


Studies show that even a small amount of alcohol will adversely affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Your capacity for making quick decisions and reaction time will be severely hampered. For your safety and the safety of others don't drink and drive even if you are staying within your limit!


Either for personal, religious, cultural, or other reasons many people choose not to drink. A decision not to drink should always be respected. Avoid or limit drinking when you are ill or if you are in a bad mood or situation where drinking doesn't feel right. Don't drink if you're under age or the legal age limit. Most countries have established a minimum legal age for purchasing or consuming alcohol beverages, or both. Underage consumption is illegal and may be damaging to a person's physical and mental development. Alcohol affects a person's ability to conceive children. Men and women who are considering starting a family should discuss their alcohol consumption with healthcare professionals. Drinking during pregnancy can adversely affect the fetus. There is no agreed safe limit for drinking during pregnancy. Choosing not to drink is the only right decision. Drinking when you are breastfeeding can adversely affect your infant. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please discuss any drinking with your healthcare provider.

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