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Corporate Social Responsibility

BGI Ethiopia strongly believes that creating strong businesses through investments and building better communities are not conflicting goals but are essential ingredients for long-term success and sustainability. This core principle has been the driving force behind BGI Ethiopia's successful Corporate Social Responsibility Schemes and campaigns, benefiting communities in all parts of the country. As part of the community, BGI Ethiopia understands the many challenges communities face day-to-day. Starting internally with our employees and partners, we strive to tackle these challenges through active involvement; constantly investing heavily in funding and sponsoring diverse activities, projects, organizations, associations and individuals that are contributing towards the development of communities and building a better tomorrow for the new generation.
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Educational Support

BGI Ethiopia is a firm believer in education's role in the overall development of a country, in its ability to bring about positive changes among communities and a brighter future for the next generation.

Since its establishment, BGI Ethiopia has been actively participating in providing assistance and funding to education related activities, projects, associations, charities, schools etc. BGI Ethiopia started its continued involvement in education assistance by providing free school supplies for students from low-income families. Soon after, incorporates scholarships and monetary allowances for outstanding students, supply of books for schools and students, provision of school furniture and classroom accessories, sponsorship of school and student activities, funding school renovations and expansions, supply of meals etc. allover Ethiopia. With the growth of its business and investments, BGI Ethiopia renewed its commitment growing its education assistance activities. It ventured into building schools for disadvantaged communities in SNNPR, Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regions, with more projects coming to increase the number of schools all over the country. BGI Ethiopia is also involved in apprenticeship programs for young students during summer break. Under the 'Petite Brassieurs' or Young brewers' program, employee kids from the age of seven to fourteen are trained in the art of brewery and different technical skills. Also, prospective college graduates selected from different fields and education centers are given on the job training and mentorship in their area of study, helping them acquire the necessary skills and experience for future career opportunities.

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Health & Health Care

BGI Ethiopia has put greater emphasis on assisting health service providers and health related projects, as one of its major CSR endeavors. In cooperation with different governmental and non-governmental organizations and numerous humanitarian associations, BGI Ethiopia has been deeply involved in assisting numerous life changing health related projects in different communities. Every year, BGI Ethiopia has been bringing volunteer surgical teams from Europe; lead by the renowned Dr. Bernard Pavy and Anesthesiologist Dr. Thierry Pirottee, to perform surgical procedures in different hospitals all over Ethiopia free of charge, by covering all costs. This year, the Doctors performed several procedures in The Black Lion Hospital on more than 200 patients, of which, 47 were kids and toddlers.

In partnership with African Services Committee, BGI Ethiopia provides funds for five HIV testing and integrated care clinics, in five regions. These clinics provide HIV and TB testing including proper treatment for more than 20,000 children, women, and men annually. They also provide nutrition for more than 7,000 children and pregnant women, reproductive health coverage for more than 6,000 women and girls, new shoes for nearly 18,000 children (improving school attendance and helping to prevent the spread of intestinal parasites), and income-generating support for nearly 100 families. BGI Ethiopia has been actively working with different organizations to combat the spread of kidney disease in the country. Activities include funding prevention and awareness campaigns, early diagnostics etc. to assisting kidney failure patients to get quality care including dialysis and kidney transplant. In addition to funding and sponsoring different health related campaigns, projects and health care centers in all corners of the country, BGI Ethiopia's involvement extends to covering healthcare costs of several individuals. Individuals without means and unable to get the necessary medical assistance they need within the country.

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Humanitarian Assistance

Involvement in Noble Humanitarian causes has been at the forefront of BGI Ethiopia's CSR activities. Continuous and substantial contributions ranges from providing funding and sponsorship to numerous humanitarian and development associations, NGO's, public institutions etc. to inspiring projects of individuals striving to alleviate the problems faced by disadvantaged persons and communities. Although BGI Ethiopia participated in assisting countless projects and activities, the most fitting example is its continued support for Macedonia Humanitarian Association. Macedonia's noble cause inspired and continue to inspire BGI Ethiopia, its employees and partners to raise funds and provide monetary, material and knowledge-based assistance, with a pledge to continue and follow-up incessantly.

እስካሁን የተሰሩ የቢ. ጂ. አይ. ኢትዮጵያ ማህበራዊ ስራዎች

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Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are important components of social structure and a strategic national resource. BGI Ethiopia is a firm believer in their intrinsic value: how arts and culture can illuminate inner lives and enrich the emotional world; and their wider, more measurable impact on the economy of a country, the society, the health and wellbeing of individuals and education. BGI Ethiopia has been one of the great proponents of the arts and culture since its establishment. Every year, BGI Ethiopia spends millions supporting and sponsoring countless projects and individuals in entertainment, talent development, youth art centers, preservation of history, historical artifacts and cultural values etc. Notable examples include BGI Ethiopia's ongoing support for former artists, entertainers, writers etc. that are forgotten and fallen on hard times.

Support of several arts and culture clubs, associations and youth centers in every region, the establishment and construction of the Dire Dawa Cultural Center and park, the sponsorship and promotion of music albums and movies by established and new artists etc.

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Sports and physical activities play a huge role in cultivating healthier individuals and positive spirit of competition in society. On top of being the favorite past time of many and their entertainment value, they also serve as a source of pride and joy for the nation. BGI Ethiopia, accepting the positive impacts of sport, tirelessly participates in supporting numerous projects, individuals, clubs, associations, interest groups, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Notable examples include its participation in giving financial assistance from proceeds of the sale of its products, in almost all regions in the establishment and construction of stadiums and sport venues.

Almost one in ten recognized health clubs and associations in every region receive material or financial support from BGI Ethiopia. Embracing St. George Beer brand's deep rooted and historical association with The St. George Football Club, BGI Ethiopia has been and still is the major financial contributor to the club.

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