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Our Products

St. George Beer

The first and most iconic Ethiopian beer in existence since 1922.

This premium Lager beer and draft is crafted from expertly selected local and imported malts and aromatic hops mixed to embody the flavors and aromas of its origin country Ethiopia. When poured slowly and carefully, large bubbles rush to the top; revealing the unmistakable golden yellowish color, forming the foamy white head at the top. The moderated bitterness level, the slight flavor of grain, and the uniquely Ethiopian aroma gave St. George Beer its pleasant taste and high rate of drinkability.

Castel Beer

The first international beer brand made under license in Ethiopia

A truly unique premium lager beer and draft produced from 100% imported malt and aged to perfection more than any other beer in the market. Deep golden in color, when poured, tiny bubbles rush to the top forming its thick and creamy white head. The well-balanced body and slightly pronounced grain flavor gives it a strong taste making it ideal for the most discerning of consumers.

Panach’ Beer

St. George Panach’ is a refreshing drink prepared from all the base ingredients of beer (malt, hops, and water), lemon and lime.

St. George Panach’, or simply Panach’, has tasting notes of pronounced lime-lemony tang, fruity aromas, beer flavor and slight sweetness. With only 1.3% of alcohol per volume and various pleasant aromas and flavors, Panach’ is a worthy refreshment companion that complements every occasion and situation, whether formal or casual, and can be enjoyed with meals or by itself at any time of the day.