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Corporate Social Responsibility


Committed to producing high quality products, BGI Ethiopia is also continuously increasing and diversifying its contributions to the economic development of the country. Facilitation of foreign direct investment, transfer of knowledge and skills, provision of more than 2000 employment opportunities, generating high tax revenues (BGI Ethiopia is among one of the top-ten high tax paying companies in the country for the last 5 years) and foreign currency through export are just a few examples. BGI Ethiopia strongly believes that creating strong businesses through investments and building better communities are not conflicting goals but are essential ingredients for long-term success and sustainability. This core principle has been the driving force behind BGI Ethiopia’s successful Corporate Social Responsibility Schemes and campaigns, benefitting communities in all parts of the country. BGI Ethiopia is steadfast in its CSR engagements, constantly investing in funding and sponsoring activities, projects and individuals dedicated in contributing towards development of communities and building a better tomorrow for future generations.


BGI Ethiopia is faithful to the principles of environmental responsibility and goes beyond set environmental protection laws, standards and industry practices. Its commitment to protecting the environment and eliminating production practices with negative environmental and social impact is not a passing fad. It is the logical extension of the quality commitments Castel Group first drew up in the 1990s, which is now consolidated within BGI Ethiopia’s new Environmental Management System. At its core lies a clear economic logic: the company’s future success and sustainable growth will be wholly dependent on achieving a close synergy with the “ecosystem”. These principles and values, although costly, resulted in the adoption and implementation of activities that support sustainable protection of the environment. These activities include, but are not limited to, installing water treatment facilities in all breweries and the winery, the adoption of organic and natural farming methods in the Ziway vineyard, putting greater emphasis on proper waste management and recycling, and replacement of energy wasting machineries and practices with a more environmental friendly alternatives.


BGI Ethiopia is a firm believer in education’s role in the overall development of a country, in its ability to bring about positive changes among communities and a brighter future for the next generation. Since its establishment, BGI Ethiopia has been actively participating in providing assistance and funding to education related activities, projects, associations, charities, schools etc. BGI Ethiopia started its continued involvement in education assistance by providing free school supplies for students from low-income families. Soon after, BGI Ethiopia included in its CSR activities scholarships and monetary allowances for outstanding students, supply of books for schools and students, provision of school furniture and classroom accessories, sponsorship of school and student activities, funding school renovations and expansions etc. throughout Ethiopia. With the growth of its business and investments, BGI Ethiopia also renewed its commitment to expand its education assistance CSR activities. It ventured into building schools for disadvantaged communities in SNNPR, Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regions with more projects to increase the number of schools in the future. BGI Ethiopia is also involved in apprenticeship programs for young students during summer break. Under the “Petite Brassieurs” or Young Brewers program, children of employees between the ages of 7-14 are trained in the art of brewery and different technical skills. Also, prospective college graduates selected from different fields and education centers are given on-the-job training in their area of study, so that they acquire the necessary skills and experience for future carrier opportunities.

Humanitarian Causes

BGI Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment in assisting humanitarian causes has been at the forefront of its CSR campaigns. Its ongoing and substantial involvement ranges from funding and sponsoring the activities of numerous humanitarian and development associations, NGO’s, public institutions etc. to inspiring projects of individuals striving to alleviate the problems faced by disadvantaged persons and communities. Although BGI Ethiopia participated in assisting countless projects and activities, the most fitting example is it’s continued support for Macedonia Humanitarian Association. Macedonia’s noble cause inspired BGI Ethiopia and its employees to raise funds and provide monetary and material assistance, with a pledge for continued partnership.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are important components of the societal fabric and a strategic national resource. BGI Ethiopia is a firm believer in their intrinsic value: how arts and culture can illuminate inner lives and enrich the emotional world; and their wider, more measurable impact on the economy of a country, the society, the health and wellbeing of individuals and education. BGI Ethiopia has been one of the great proponents of the arts and culture since its establishment. Every year, BGI Ethiopia spends millions supporting and sponsoring countless projects and individuals in entertainment, talent development, youth art centers, preservation of history, historical artifacts and cultural values. Notable examples include BGI Ethiopia’s ongoing support for former artists, entertainers, writers etc. that are forgotten and have fallen on hard times, support of several arts and culture clubs, associations and youth centers in every region, the establishment and construction of the Dire Dawa Cultural Center and park, the sponsorship and promotion of music albums and movies by established and new artists etc.


Sports and physical activities play a pivotal role in cultivating healthier individuals and positive spirit of competition in society. On top of being the favorite past time of many and their entertainment value, they also serve as a source of pride and joy for the nation. BGI Ethiopia, recognizing the positive impact of sports, tirelessly participates in supporting numerous projects, individuals, clubs, associations, interest groups, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Notable examples include its participation in giving financial assistance from proceeds of the sale of its products, in almost all regions in the establishment and construction of stadiums and sport venues. Moreover, almost one in ten recognized health clubs and associations in every region receive material or financial support from BGI Ethiopia. Embracing St. George Beer brand’s deep rooted and historical association with The St. George Football Club, BGI Ethiopia has been and still is the major financial contributor to the club.

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